Crosses for military cemeteries

Crosses for US military cemeteries (Second World War)

In the years between 1949 and 1962, the still young and at that time still nationalized Lasa marble industry – due to the very recent wartime events – received the hitherto biggest order in the company’s history. The production of pure white grave crosses and Stars of David for the American soldiers who had fallen in the Second World War.

Project Information

Different places, Different nations, 1949-1962

Location: Belgium:
 - Henri-Chapelle
 - Neuville (Ardennes)
 - Cambridge
 - Draguignan (Rhone)
 - Epinal
 - Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer (Normandie)
 - Saint James (Brittany)
 - Saint Avold (Lorraine)
 - Montfaucon (Meuse-Argonne)      
 - Margraten
 - Florenz
 - Nettuno/Anzio (Sicily-Rome)
 - Hamm
 - Carthage (Thunis)
 - Manila
Country:Europe: Belgium, England, France, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Africa: Tunisia, Asia: Philippines
Realization:1949 - 1962
Material:Bianco Lasa
Product:Tomb Crosses and Stars of David for US War Cemeteries of the Second World War of the American Battle Monument Commission
Volume:1949 - 1958: 88,121 pieces, 1958 - 1962: 2,035 pieces
Remarks:Crosses and gravestones for the US military cemeteries are still being made on request.

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