The Studio Bar

Solid counter top cover slab for the Radio Energy station's own bar in Zurich

In 2015, Lasa Marmo realized a solid cover slab for the in-house café-bar in the Ringier press building in the heart of Zurich for the radio station "Radio Energy Zurich". The slab is 8 meters long and 15 cm high. The parts of the solid counter top in LASA BIANCO ORTLES® were milled from one block in the Lasa Marmo factory using the latest CNC machines, the edges were chamfered and the surfaces polished.

The modern Energy flagship studio is part of a concept that was designed to open up and rejuvenate the 40-year-old press building of the Ringier Media Company (Blick, Schweizer Illustrierte, Radio Energy and many more) in central Zurich's Dufourstrasse to the public. In September 2015, after nine months of renovation, the newly designed rooms in the entrance area could be presented to the public. The main attraction in the reception area is the restaurant, designed according to plans by Zurich interior designer Gian Frey (Studio Frey), with a total of one hundred seats and standing room at a coffee bar. The café-bar, “The Studio” stands for a unique concept of urban gastronomy combined with a radio experience. From a studio in the middle of the bar, guests of the local radio station can look directly over the moderators' shoulders and watch live performances by performers and music bands. Visitors to the bar can enjoy the appropriate aperitif on the 8-metre long, semi-circular corner of the massive countertop made of refined Lasa marble.

Project information

Zurich, Switzerland, 2015

Product: Cover for bar counter, solid part

Surface: Polished

Interior architects: Studio Frey/Gian Frey, Zurich

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