Engadin Bad Scuol (Water park)

Surrounded by Lasa marble, bathe like the Romans and Irish once did

As early as 1990, Lasa Marmo manufactured floor slabs and stairs in LASA BIANCO ORTLES® and LASA BIANCO NUVOLATO® as well as wall slabs in LASA VENATO FANTASTICO and LASA VENATO NUVOLATO FORTE® for the "Bogn Engiadina" (Bad Engadin Scuol), a mineral and adventure pool with outdoor and indoor swimming pools in the Lower Engadine capital of Scuol (Switzerland). The "Roman-Irish Bath" was equipped with the finishing material made of refined Lasa marble. Visitors and users of the bathing landscape in the Swiss mineral and adventure bath are offered a wondrous bathing experience, as in accordance with the Roman bathing culture and the Irish bathing tradition. This is brought across gloriously by the individual colour design in different white-grey graduated tones. In 2015, the cold water pool and staircase were redesigned in LASA BIANCO ORTLES®. The floor slabs, the stairs and the pool were sanded and the laid wall slabs polished.

The "Roman-Irish Bath" within the Bad Engadin Scuol is a separately accessible bathing landscape. Floor panels made of refined Lasa marble can be found in the reception area, in the warm-air and hot-air baths, in the mineral steam baths, in the cream station and in the massage room. In the mineral bath and in the cold water pool, the water pools as well as the walls and the floor are covered with Lasa marble.

The Bad Engadin Scuol is the largest adventure and health spa in the Engadine with bathing and sauna facilities as well as an adjoining therapy and wellness centre. The town of Scuol is famous for its numerous mineral water springs, which are used as healing springs for drinking cures and mineral baths. The mineral springs were first mentioned in 1369 and it is thanks to the Swiss physician, Paracelsus, that the springs became known throughout Europe.

Project information

Scuol, Switzerland, 1990

Product: Floors and stairs in Lasa Bianco Ortles and Lasa Bianco Nuvolato, wall covering in Lasa Venato Fantastico and Lasa Bianco Nuvolato Forte, overflow channels and solid countertop washbasins in Lasa Bianco Ortles

Surface: honed, polished

Architect: Oberli Roland

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