John Pawson’s Home Farm

LASA marble, discreet austerity and an extraordinary attention to detail

London-based star designer John Pawson is considered the English founder of minimalism. It is therefore not surprising that he chose the classic white LASA marble, LASA BIANCO CLASSICO®. He discovered LASA marble through his Swiss friend and architect colleague, Hans-Jörg Ruch of Ruch & Partner Architekten AG in St. Moritz, who has long appreciated the LASA marble for his projects. Since enthusiasm can also be contagious, John Pawson has used LASA marble for three projects so far.

One of them is his own project, the "Home Farm" as he affectionately calls his holiday home in Oxfordshire in Great Britain, 90 km from London. Painstakingly created over a period of five years from the stable and barn of a 17th century farmhouse, this is the holiday home of purist John and his wife Catherine, who is a designer. As always in his projects, John Pawson placed great emphasis on light, materials and proportions. In his Home Farm, as Pawson says, perhaps even more so because here architect and client were one.

Pawson even designed his own tableware for the Home Farm himself. LASA marble is found not only in the bathrooms but also in the kitchen area. For example, Pawson planned the dining table, work areas and shelves in honed LASA BIANCO CLASSICO®. LASA marble is harder and more waterproof than other marbles, which is why enthusiasts like John Pawson also choose it for the kitchen. A few special eye-catchers are the washbasins designed by John Pawson and CNC-milled by Lasa Marmo, which can be found in the kitchen and the bathrooms. There are nine of them in total. The fittings were also designed by Pawson.
LASA marble has found a place in the minimalist whole and in the heart of the star designer, precisely with these statements: ‘reduced in itself and yet radiating outwards’.

Project information

Oxfordshire, Great Britain, 2017-2018

Product: solid shower walls and washbasins, kitchen top, shelves, table top, benches for bathroom

Surface: honed

Architect: John Pawson

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