Private house in Bavaria

Floor tiles and window sills for private house using LASA BIANCO ORTLES®

For a loft flat in Bavaria, LASA Marmo supplied 61x30.5x1 cm tiles for the flooring of the kitchen and living area as well as window sills, 3 cm thick in the variety LASA BIANCO ORTLES® in 2020.

In a home in Bavaria, the owner family decided to convert the attic for the daughter of the house. After completely insulating all around, the top floor was transformed into a 2-storey gallery.

The lady of the house opted for floor tiles made of white Lasa marble. "My parents brought back sample tiles of Lasa marble from their holiday a few years ago. I was particularly taken with the cool white with the cloudy inclusions of the LASA BIANCO ORTLES® variety," she enthuses. "Here, cool elegance is combined with timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion."

Indeed, the white floor tiles, white kitchen, white windows and curtains create a symbiotic contrast with the brown of the walnut wood and the black of the expansive couch. "For me, the grey grain of the LASA BIANCO ORTLES® looks neither clinical nor sterile, but alive. I can look at it every day without getting tired of it and enjoy it."

Project information

Bavaria, Germany, 2020

Product: tiles 61x30,5x1 cm
window sills 3 cm

Volume: 85 m2

Surface: polished

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