Hotel Principe di Savoia

LASA BIANCO® as an element for luxurious hospitality - Made in Italy

The hotel Principe di Savoia of the hotel chain Dorchester Collection flanks the very centrally located Piazza della Repubblica in Milan. Since the 1920s, the luxury hotel has been the destination of numerous wealthy guests from all over the world. Even today, on each of the ten floors and a total of 301 rooms of this hotel, you can feel the sophisticated cosmopolitan atmosphere of bygone days. Thus the Principe di Savoia is also a dazzling symbol for the excellence of Italian hospitality, jewel and pearl of the Milanese hotel industry. In January 2006, 44 newly designed suites "Deluxe Mosaic" were inaugurated. The use of floor and wall panels as well as solid washbasins made of Lasa marble accentuates the sensation of space and luxury.

For the London interior designer, Francesca Basu and the Milan interior designer, Celeste Dell'Anna, the choice of LASA BIANCO PERLA® marble from Laas/Lasa was a prerequisite for the new design. In 2005, the hotel management commissioned Lasa Marmo to supply floor panels, wall panels, washbasins and bathtub linings as essential equipment for the spacious bathrooms and wet areas of the suites of the Milan five-star hotel.

For the two interior designers, the exclusive and luxuriously designed suites deliberately focused on the bathrooms. The luminous, radiant Lasa marble, processed into exquisite finishing material in the Lasa marble works, effectively fills the entire surroundings and conveys a feeling of space for the guests to linger in a particularly luxurious ambience.

In the nine Principe Suites designed by Francesca Basu, large square panels of LASA BIANCO PERLA® illuminate the bathroom. The wet areas have been refurbished with a mosaic wall made of Murano glass and mother-of-pearl to separate them from the spacious shower cubicle. Also in the Royal Suite, the Lasa marble in the bathroom is one of the central elements. Basu's design was inspired by Milan's typical mix of fashion, art and architecture. Celeste Dell'Anna restyled the 230 square metre Imperial Suites and cleverly combined contemporary and classic elements in the four apartments, which all have the same furnishings. At the centre of these are the wet rooms, in which white, refined LASA BIANCO PERLA® marble fills the room alongside high-tech interiors: from the Turkish bathroom equipped with a colour therapy system to the spacious shower, through to the bathtub with a plasma TV and make-up console.

The Presidential Suite, designed by US interior designer and architect, Michael Stelea from Los Angeles, covers 410 square metres. It consists of three sumptuous bedrooms with a living room, dining room and private pool, also embedded and surrounded by Lasa marble. The suite also features refined furniture and a spectacular view of the city. For the outstanding interior design of the 44 suites, the Principe di Savoia Hotel was awarded first prize for "The best bathroom in a five-star hotel in Europe" by the prestigious Villegiature Award in 2008.

Project information

Milan, Italy, 2005

Product: Floors, wall covering, bath top and covers for bathtubs

Surface: Polished

Architects: Cesare Tenca – Francesca Basu, Celeste Dell’Anna

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