Dental clinic in Verona

LASA marble of the LASA !ndividual® line for a dental practice in Verona

As individual as the colour variations and the gaps between each person's teeth are, so are the grains and veins in the LASA marble. A dental practice in Verona decided to equip the floor covering in the entrance and waiting area of their dental studio with polished marble slabs from the LASA !ndividual® product line, which is characterised by a variety of colours. Under the planning and construction supervision of the Veronese architect Alessandra Barbi, refined floor slabs in the size 60x30x2 cm together with the corresponding skirting boards were supplied by Lasa Marmo at the Lasa Marmo marble factory in 2017. The special and individual colour combination of every single floor tile was put together in the classic dry layout process in a dedicated layout hall on the Lasa Marmo factory premises. This was then approved by the architect on behalf of the client and laid as the new floor covering in the aforementioned dental practice. Verona is one of the most important trading and processing centres for natural stone and marble in Italy. We are particularly pleased that the dental practice owners chose Lasa Marmo in view of the distinctly abundant supply.

Project information

Verona, Italy, 2017

Product: flooring 60x30x2 cm

Surface: polished

Architect: Barbi Alessandra

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