1560 Broadway

A Big stage on Broadway. Lasa marble refines the headquarters of the Actors' Union Equity Building

Lasa Marmo manufactured and supplied around 450 square metres of LASA BIANCO CLASSICO® wall panels for the conversion and redesign of the entrance area and central reception area of the 1560 Broadway Actors' Equity Building in New York's 156 West 46th Street in 2013 and 2014. The panels were manufactured in a thickness of 2 centimetres, and the surface of the cladding material was polished.

The new main entrance area of the Actors' Equity Building is located in a narrow gap between two existing buildings on West 46th Street. According to plans by New York architect Anthony Johnson, the modern new building fits harmoniously as a third building into the surroundings of the Theater District. It is located in the vibrant centre of New York's Midtown Manhattan district, in close proximity to Broadway theatres and Times Square. Inside the narrow new building, the architecture impresses with interior walls about 7 metres high. The wall surfaces clad in LASA BIANCO CLASSICO® are generously supplied with daylight by a large window on the acutely angled outer façade. Incidence of light and radiant white Lasa marble cancel out any feeling of being cramped in the narrow building.

The monumental new building, which fills the building gap in the street, provides direct access via elevators to the lobby on the 4th floor of the adjoining "1560 Broadway" building. Completed in 1926, this 61-metre-high, 17-storey high-rise building houses the headquarters of the US actors' union Actors 'Equity Association' ("Equity") from the 5th floor onwards. Founded in 1913, the union represents more than 51,000 professional actors, singers, dancers and stage managers in the United States. Above the newly built central entrance area 5,600 square metres of retail space have been created in the heart of New York's Times Square in the parts of the building below the 4th floor.

Project information

New York, USA, 2013/2014

Product: wall covering, 2 cm

Volume: 450 m2

Surface: polished

Architect: Anthony Johnson

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