Pur Südtirol

Lasa marble as a genuine South Tyrolean original in the delicatessen and gourmet market

For the "Pur Südtirol" delicatessen and gourmet market branch opened in Lana on 2 September 2016, Lasa Marmo supplied a 6 m long and 2 m wide counter cover as well as a 4 m long cover for the checkout counter designed in the same style. The slabs, each 2 cm thick, were supplied in the commercial grade LASA VENATO® with a brushed surface.

Lasa marble as an authentic and sustainably sourced product fits perfectly into the philosophy of the successful South Tyrolean retail and gastronomy concept launched by Ulrich Wallnöfer and Günther Hölzl. More than two thousand regional quality products from 240 South Tyrolean farmers and manufacturers find their place in the Lana branch of the gourmet market in the industrial zone. As in all "Pur Südtirol" gourmet markets, Harry Thaler, an internationally award-winning product designer (many times over), who lives in Merano (Meran) and works between his hometown and London, was responsible for the interior design concept in Lana. The surfaces of the 6-metre-long bar and shop counter, as well as the checkout counter in the same design, are covered with Lasa marble of the LASA VENATO® commercial grade. Thaler, whose studio is incidentally located in a former converted silo tower right next to the "Pur Südtirol" market, has succeeded in creating a sophisticated sales space for food products of high quality, lovingly cultivated in South Tyrol. He has also made sensible and sustainable use of the region's wealth of natural raw materials and building materials, such as Lasa marble, in the area of interior design and decor. A concept that, under the motto "100% Made in South Tyrol", is entirely in keeping with the philosophy of "Pur Südtirol". As a true South Tyrolean original, Lasa Marmo is proud to be part of this corporate philosophy.

Project information

Lana, Italy, 2017

Product: cover for counter, thickness 2 cm

Surface: honed

Architect: Harry Thaler

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