talsee countertop washbasins

Massive Lasa marble washbasins for exclusive bathroom furniture made by talsee

For the design bathroom furniture manufacturer talsee AG, based in Hochdorf in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, Lasa Marmo produces and supplies exclusive solid washbasins for its "Source" series. At the customer's request, the lavabos are manufactured in three sizes and in the LASA VENATO CEVEDALE® and LASA VENATO VENA D'ORO® varieties.

The washbasins are milled from a solid block and refined to perfection in the skilled manual work of the in-house stonemasons. The massive basins made of refined Lasa marble are placed on noble wooden drawers. Each piece of furniture develops into a strong character sculpture made of "White Gold", which creates peace, order and structure in the bathroom. The veins in the marble draw a unique picture on each washbasin, making each piece unique.

The "Source" bathroom collection comes from the up-and-coming design studio Tale in Basel. The design concept of this series is inspired by nature. The product design of the Source washbasin is based on historic washbasins carved in stone. Their functionality with different levels for water and wet objects, such as soap, is still convincing today. The designers from Tale, Noël Oegerli, Philipp Gilgen and Norbert Meier, wanted to develop a new design principle for the characteristic design of the exclusive bathroom furniture collection. Depending on the length and height at which the furniture cantilevers or jumps back, the resulting areas can be used in very different ways. The "Source" design has already won the Red Dot Design Award 2019.

To protect the natural product, the surface of the massive Lasa marble wash basins is protected with an impregnated finish. The washbasins are available in the sizes 450 x 380 mm, 600 x 460 mm and 1200 x 460 mm.

Project information

Hochdorf, Switzerland, 2019

Product: solid washbasins in 3 different dimensions
soap dishes, coat hooks


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