Private House Tirol

White marble purism in bathrooms and wet rooms

At the foot of the sun-drenched castle hill of Schloss Tirol (Tyrol Castle), surrounded by grapevines, there is a villa designed and built by star designer John Pawson between 2015 and 2017. The luxuriously designed interior of the country house blends remarkably discreetly into the terraced landscape below the ancestral castle of the princes of Tyrol. In the exclusive home itself, the bathrooms (master bathroom and children's bathroom), specifically the floor & wall tiles, as well as the solid washbasins and solid bathtubs, were made of refined Lasa marble of the LASA BIANCO CLASSICO® commercial grade.

The British designer John Pawson designed and planned the single-family house for an American entrepreneur and his wife from Merano (Meran). Although it is located on an exposed hillside, the exclusive building appears almost invisible to onlookers from a distance. The minimalist structures blend into the landscape in a relaxed and gentle way. "The design is elementary according to the purpose. The rock itself is the dominant voice. It speaks of scale and uncompromisingness, but also of protection and unexpected intimacy", says John Pawson in a commentary on his building. The desired minimalist features can also be experienced inside the building through the simplicity and plainness of the room design. The extensive use of exquisitely processed LASA marble to cover the surfaces in the bathrooms and wet rooms, as well as the solid furnishing elements made of LASA marble in the form of washbasins and bathtubs, lend the Tirolo (Dorf Tirol) residential house not only exclusivity but also the appropriate setting for a quality of living at the highest level.

Project information

Tirolo (Dorf Tirol), Italy, 2017

Product: wall cladding, flooring, solid bathtubs, solid sinks

Surface: honed

Architect: John Pawson

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