Lasa Marmo provides for year-round spring in a Milan boutique

Milan is fashion, Milan is design. For its new flagship store in Milan, the fashion label V-Grass Studio, based in Shanghai, China, has chosen the finest LASA marble of the variety LASA VENATO FIOR DI MELO®. Since 2017, the fashion shop of the Chinese fashion label has been located in Via della Spiga in the heart of the "Quadrilatero della moda", Milan's fashion district with the world's most renowned fashion brands. Large-format floor slabs and 60x60 cm slabs were laid on a total area of 250 square metres. In addition, steps of 2 cm for the staircase to the exhibition room in the basement were installed.

The plans for the furnishings of the V-Grass flagship store in Milan come from the Italian-British architect and designer Claudio Silvestrin. His interior design is appreciated by many famous fashion designers and is characterized by tranquil and simple spaces, which determine the form of his architecture and interior design. V-Grass is a young and appealing women's clothing label that stands for Italian fashion by Italian fashion designers like Rodolfo Paglialunga. The Chinese holding company is expanding its business network with over 300 fashion stores, mainly in Asia. With the store in Milan, one of the world capital of fashion and Haute couture, the label strengthens its claim to be part of the world's best-known up-and-coming fashion brands. Lasa Marmo is proud to have produced the LASA VENATO FIOR DI MELO® final material for the Milan showroom. The LASA variety is named after the colours of the apple blossom. On white Lasa marble, the refined form is effectively brought out into stripes of golden yellow, pink to brownish veins with light shades of grey and green.

Project information

Milan, Italy, 2017/2018

Product: large-size flooring and floors 60x60x2 cm, treads

Volume: 250 m2

Surface: honed

Architect: Claudio Silvestrin Architects

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