The different types of Lasa Marble

Lasa marble comes in a variety of types according to its appearance, markings and color – commercial grades that differ from the pure white base color of the natural stone. The exact identification and classification of the type is done on site in our workshop, before the Lasa Marble is brought to being refined. For generations, the Lasa Marmo Ltd. offers ten different commercial grades of Lasa Marble, which are divided into two categories: Lasa Bianco™® (White Lasa Marble) and Lasa Venato™® (Veined Lasa Marble).

Besides the pure white types and the types with minor inclusions, also those marble types with colored inclusions of various shapes, such as veining, flowlines, shadings and bandings are popular. The veined types of Lasa Marble include bands of quartz and mica, traces of sulfur, magnesium, strontium, titanium, silicon, gold, silver and platinum, as well as extremely small amounts of uranium and thorium. For instance, the amazingly blurred blue-grey bandings of the Lasa Venato Arabescato™® and the delicate blue undertone of the Lasa Venato Cevedale™® trace back to inclusions of tourmaline or graphite. Graphite in its most delicate distribution gives the marble a light blue grey tone, whereas iron oxides like clinozoisite and limonite lead to a red or yellow shade of color.