Gabriela Hearst Flagship-Store

Sustainable Lasa marble for the floor design of the New York luxury business

The luxurious ready-made clothing and accessories of the Uruguayan fashion designer Gabriela Hearst, who lives and works in New York, are characterized by a clearly enforced principle of sustainability. In keeping with her principles, only sustainable materials were considered for the design of the flagship store in New York. Lasa Marmo supplied LASA VENATO VENA D'ORO® floor slabs for the main store on Madison Avenue on New York's Upper East Side in 2018.

Project Information

New York, USA, 2019

Product:flooring 23,9 x 23,9 x 1,6 cm
Volume:100 m2
Photos:Jonathan Hökklo
Architect:Zari Architects

LASA Venato Vena d’Oro™®