Orea AG

Exclusive designer kitchen furniture from Switzerland, refined with LASA VENATO®

Lasa Marmo supplies the surface cladding material for high-quality and individually designed kitchen furniture to the designer kitchen manufacturer Orea AG, based in Zurich (Switzerland). For the designers, the Lasa marble, refined by the Lasa (Laas) marble industry, fulfils special criteria as the "purest marble in Europe". In particular our LASA marble inspires due to its clarity. In the "Orea +" series, the designers emphasize the purity of this "white gold". The rough, hand-picked material creates individual and unique kitchen furniture by virtue of the special design style.

Project Information

Zurich, Switzerland, 2017

Project:cube and kitchen counter
Product:kitchen counter and covering of the cubes
Surface/treatment:Honed C 60
Photos:Orea AG

LASA Venato™®