Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vienna

In the Wiener Burggarten in the 1st District, Inner City there is a 7.5 metre high monument in honour of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). The sculptures of the monument (body, putti group and standing figure) are made of Lasa marble. The Mozart Monument was created by the architect Carl König (1841-1915) and the sculptor Viktor Tilgner (1844-1896) and was unveiled on 21st April 1896 at the Albertinaplatz. It depicts the composer with a music stand on a pedestal decorated with ornaments, masks and wreaths and framed by a semi-circular balustrade. The monument was damaged in air raids during the Second World War and after its restoration on 5th June 1953 it was erected at its present location in the Burggarten.

Vienna, Austria, 1896

Place / Square / Street: since 1953 in the Burggarten
Sculptor / Artist: Viktor Tilgner
Completion / Inauguration: 1896