War Memorial, Düsseldorf

The war memorial created by the Düsseldorf sculptor Karl Hilgers (1844-1925) stands on the landscaped remains of the former city fortifications in the central Düsseldorf Hofgarten. Inaugurated on 18th October 1892, the monument is dedicated to the fallen Düsseldorf soldiers of the German unification wars (1864-1866) and the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). The raw block of Lasa marble from which the monument is made originally weighed 27 tonnes. The weight of the lying warrior alone is 9 to 10 tonnes. The figure is 3.50 meters long, 1.80 meters high and 1.54 meters wide. The monument stands on a pedestal in the shape of an exedra, the semicircle of which is bordered by a parapet. The monumental statuary reaches a total height of 6 metres. In the middle of the scene shows the classicistic memorial, in semi-recumbent position, the resting figure of a young dying warrior on a sarcophagus. In his right chest a stab wound can be seen. Sitting in front of the sarcophagus is a lion, the heraldic animal of the city of Düsseldorf and a symbolic attribute for courage and strength. The monument was restored in 2007.

Düsseldorf, Germany, 1892

Place / Square / Street: Hofgarten (Court Garden)
Sculptor / Artist: Carl Hilgers
Completion / Inauguration: 18.10.1892