Tomb of Andreas Hofer, Innsbruck

In 1823 the bones of the Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, who was shot in Mantua on 20 February 1810, were brought to Innsbruck in a cloak and dagger operation and buried in the Hofkirche. The Viennese sculptor Johann Nepomuk Schaller (1777-1842) was commissioned by Emperor Franz I in 1834 to create the statue of Hofer that adorns the funerary monument. Andreas Hofer is portrayed in his national costume, in a chivalrous posture and with his head held high. The relief on the front of the marble sarcophagus depicting the scene of the oath of allegiance is also made of Lasa marble and was created by the Tyrolean sculptor Josef Klieber (1773-1850) who worked in Vienna.

Innsbruck, Austria, 1834

Place / Square / Street: Hofkirche (Court Church)
Sculptor / Artist: Johann Schaller
Completion / Inauguration: 05.05.1834