Queen Victoria, London

Located at the end of the London boulevard "The Mall", in front of Buckingham Palace, is the Victoria Memorial in honour of the British Queen Victoria (1819-1901), that was inaugurated on May 16th 1911. All statues and numerous massive parts of the monument are made of Lasa marble. The monument created by the British sculptor Thomas Brock (1847-1922) is 26 metres high and 32 metres wide and weighs 2,300 tons. The blocks for the monumental statue of Queen Victoria sitting on her throne and the other statues were selected in the White-water quarry and were shipped to London, via the Netherlands, in 1903. The execution in Lasa (Laas) was the responsibility of the Lasa marble pioneer, Josef Lechner and his Josef Lechner Marble Union.

London, England, 1911

Place / Square / Street: In front of Buckingham Palace
Sculptor / Artist: Sir Thomas Brock
Completion / Inauguration: 16.05.1911