Poet Franz Grillparzer, Vienna

In honour of the poet Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872), the Grillparzer Monument is located in the Vienna Volksgarten (People’s Garden). The larger-than-life sitting figure was made of Lasa marble by the Viennese sculptor Carl Kundmann (1838-1919). The block for the Grillparzer Monument had a volume of 5½ cubic metres and was delivered in 1885 by the "Union-Baugesellschaft", which was the owner of the Lasa marble works at the time. Up to Merano (Meran) the block had to be transported by road.

Vienna, Austria, 1889

Place / Square / Street: Wiener Volksgarten (Viennese public garden)
Sculptor / Artist: Carl Kundmann
Completion / Inauguration: 23.05.1889