Pallas Athena Fountain, Vienna

The Pallas-Athene-Fountain in Vienna is located in front of the Austrian Parliament building at Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring in the 1st District, of the Inner City. The entire fountain including all statues and figures are made of Lasa marble. In the middle of the monument, above the symmetrically arranged fountain, there is a group of figures, the centre of which is the four-metre-high statue of Pallas Athena standing on a column. The Greek goddess of wisdom holds a spear in her left hand and the goddess of victory Nike in her right. Next to the column sit the allegorical representations of the legislative and executive powers, - on her left the legislature with a book, on her right the executive with a sword. The fountain was designed in 1870 by Theophil Hansen (1813-1891) as part of the parliamentary ensemble, but construction work did not begin until 1898.

Vienna, Austria, 1902

Place / Square / Street: Ringstraße, in front of the parliament building
Sculptor / Artist: Design: Theophil von Hansen. Sculpters: Karl Kundmann, Josef Tautenhayn, Hugo Härdtl
Completion / Inauguration: 1902