Heinrich Heine Fountain, New York

On 8th July 1899, the Heinrich Heine Memorial was unveiled in the Bronx district of New York City. The monument, known in English as the "Loreley Fountain", is made of Lasa marble by the Berlin sculptor Ernst Herter (1846-1917) and dedicated to the memory of the German poet and writer Heinrich Heine (1797-1856). The monument offers the viewer a link between the monument and the fountain, whose three free-floating shells open out over a stepped hexagonal Lasa marble base. The three giant figures "Satire", "Poetry" and "Weltschmerz" (the pain of the world), together with the inserted pieces of rock, form the lower part of the monument, which is then crowned by the colossal figure "Loreley" over 8 cubic metres in size in a sitting position. The portrait of Heine is worked into the pedestal as a relief. On the left side is the artist's signature "Professor / E. Herter, Berlin / fecit / 1897 - Marmorwerke Laas, Tirol".

New York, USA, 1899

Place / Square / Street: Joyce-Kilmer-Park towards 161st Street, Bronx
Sculptor / Artist: Ernst Herter
Completion / Inauguration: 08.07.1899