Carolingian marble sculptures

in the monastery of St. Johann in Müstair (CH/Switzerland)

The monastery church of Müstair, as well as the Chapel of the Holy Cross of the monastery of St. Johann in Müstair, are well preserved from the time when the monastery was founded (end of the 8th century). The original furnishings also include choir screens made of marble from Lasa. During archaeological excavations, marble fragments were found in the walls of the Ottonian Planta Tower (10th century). They had been used as building material. In total, over 600 marble sculptures were rediscovered in this way. These marble sculptures can be dated back to the 9th century. They were made in Laas (Lasa) and adapted on site. An overwhelming variety of forms can be found in Müstair: Tendril motifs based on late antique patterns, animal style elements, braided ribbon ornaments and fragments with a high symbolic content.

Müstair, Schweiz, 9. Jh.

Place / Square / Street: Convent of St. John
Text / photos: ©Stiftung Pro Kloster St. Johann Müstair
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