Venske & Spänle

Venske & Spänle prefer to work with Lasa marble, a classical sculptural material, from which they then draw a fantastic cosmos of figures. Accompanying 3D animations add to this complexity. The coolness and hardness of the stone is transformed into an impression of organic softness and warmth. Through the haptic material, almost lifelike shapes unfold - cartoon-like creatures that seem to come from a prehistoric origin or a genetic experiment and appear collectively as companions of man. The inherent vitality of the objects is particularly suitable for a space-related, installation presentation. Through the juxtaposition of animations and the sculptural works, the cosmos of things created by Venske & Spänle penetrates different levels of reality and perception. (Christof Kievelitz)

The artist duo Julia Venske (*1971 in Berlin) and Gregor Spänle (*1969 in Munich) have been represented by Margaret Thatcher Projects New York, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, Galerie Robert Drees, Hanover, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney and Ana Serratosa Arte, Valencia since 1997, following their sculpture diploma in 1995 in Laas (Lasa) Italy and subsequent residency at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia with Professor Robert Owen.

Their work has been shown in various museums internationally, including Museo San Pio, Valencia, Kolbemuseum Berlin, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Museum for contemporary Art, Atlanta, Museum for contemporary Art, Las Vegas and Museum Bad Arolsen.

Smörf 132

Lasa marble, polished, in the Transportation Hub, World Trade Center, NY, 2017

Smörf Mantovano - Tutto la rosa della vita

Smörf Mantovano - Tutto la rosa della vita, 2017 Lasa marble, polished, newspaper, 2019

Myzot Night watchman

Myzot night watchman in front of the Zuger Kantonalbank, Switzerland, 2016


The sculpture “Pool Party” is only complete by a person who dwells on the sculpture, 2018


MUC-DKR Lasa marble at the Dakar Bienale, Dak’Art OFF, Senegal 2018


The Smörfs form a stone-carved collective that is spread across the art market around the world. Lasa marble, polished, sizes variable, 2021

Information about the artist

Artist Venske & Spänle
Hometown Munich (D) / New York (USA)
Country Germany - USA

Information about the artwork

Name Smörf 132
State / location USA
Year 2017
Place of location Transportation Hub, New York (USA), January 2017
Dimensions Sculpture made of Lasa marble, polished
Material / technique Marble LASA
Surface polished
Credits © Kunstverein b-05

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