Urbain Cecile Heirbaut

Urbain Cecile Heirbaut is a Belgian sculptor, painter and designer who is a world-famous expert of natural stone for architectural use , and who is highly qualified as a restorer of monumental decorations. He lives and works in Belgium and in Italy, and from that base, in other locations around the world.

Urbain Cecile Heirbaut studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. There he took classes in drawing, painting and sculpture. At a young age he received the Gold Medal of the Belgian Government for his sculpture work.

Authentic characteristics of his sculptures are known by; the play of essential shaped volumes , dynamics , liberated gravity by balanced elegance and beauty.

The artwork "Resting Venus", exhibited on the occasion of Lasa Marmo's fair stand in Verona 2016, is a selection from a recent series of “ Venus “ sculptures.

Resting Venus

The sculpture shows the primordial principle of feminine beauty, love, maturity, fullness of life and ultimately fertility.
Commissioned work for Lasa Marmo Ltd. for the trade fair stand in Verona 2016

Information about the artist

Artist Urbain Cecile Heirbaut
Hometown Ghent (B)
Country Belgium

Information about the artwork

Name Resting Venus
State / location Belgium - Italy
Year 2016
Place of location Verona (I), 28.09.2016-01.10.2016
Dimensions Sculpture 180x90x70 cm
Material / technique Marble LASA
Marble variety LASA Bianco Statuario®