Steinbildhauer-Betrieb Mayr

History of the certified master sculptor and stonemason workshop Mayr Josef & Co. S.a.s.

The history of the company begins with grandfather Josef Mayr. In 1928 he took over the workshop of his apprentice Lechner together with his employees. In 1956 he moves with his sons Josef ("Peppi") and Peter to the western edge of the village, where his new residential and workshop premises are built. From 1961 to 2008 Josef Mayr jun. ("Peppi") takes over the company.

In the meantime, the traditional company is already being continued in the 3rd generation by "Peppi's" children Renate and Thomas Mayr. For decades, mainly sacred art and grave markers left the workshop. Followed by small grave signs (also for the four-legged animal companion) to monumental works, such as the fountain of the “Three Saligen” (female figures in Alpine sagas) in Innsbruck (Austria). Works of the company can also be found in the creative construction sector. For example, a garden pavilion in a private villa was clad with LASA VENATO VENA D’ORO® and the balconies were designed with natural stone. Also sculptures and stelae for the domestic green are manufactured in customer order.

Sculpture is particularly close to the heart of the small crafts enterprise. The cooperation of lateral entrant Thomas and the experienced sculptor Kathrin Hohenegger results in incomparable works.

Since 2020 Thomas, as an enthusiastic "maker" works on a new product portfolio. So far, outstanding projects have been created, for example speakers made of solid marble, as well as a 3d printed music sculpture, which were awarded with a German Design Award 2021 and are distributed under the innovative brand "StHar" - Stone & Harmony.


The sunflowers were realised as a motif on a gravestone, made in 2019 for a client in Switzerland.


The sculpture "Blossom" was realised in 2018 and has the dimensions 75x15x15 cm. The sculpture is on display in the showroom of the sculpture workshop Josef Mayr & Co. S.a.s. in Lasa (Laas).


The sculpture "Buddha" was realised in 2017 and has the dimensions 23x18x20 cm. The sculpture is on display in the showroom of the sculpture workshop Josef Mayr & Co. S.a.s. in Lasa (Laas).

Hans Baldauf

The bust of Hans Baldauf in Lasa marble was created for the tomb of the master stonemason from Schwäbisch Gmünd who died in 2013. The tomb and bust are located in the St. Leonhard cemetery in Schwäbisch Gmünd.


The sculpture "Pietà" was realised in 2013 and has the dimensions 80x130x40 cm. The sculpture is on display in the showroom of the sculpture workshop Josef Mayr & Co. S.a.s. in Lasa (Laas).


The sculpture "Angel" was realised by the sculptor Kathrin Hohenegger in 2021. At the customer's request, the sculpture was enlarged from a small model (30 cm) to the finished work of 110 cm. Smaller details were also changed on request. The sculpture is now located in Germany.

StHar - st-one (speaker)

StHar - st-one, Bluetooth speaker (mono). 2021 made from solid block of Lasa marble.

Speakers in the "st-one" series are made entirely from an exclusive block of Lasa marble. Each speaker is unique in appearance, one of a kind. High-quality and precious white marble is in perfect balance with dark contrasts of the loudspeaker. Inside, there is high-quality sound technology. It guarantees a balanced and first-class music reproduction and creates a unique music experience for high demands. The fusion of high-precision manufacturing technology and skilled craftsmanship ensures excellent music reproduction.

For more information, visit the StHar Stone & Harmony website:

Information about the artist

Artist Steinbildhauer-Betrieb Mayr
Hometown Lasa / Laas (South-Tyrol)
Country South-Tyrol (Italy)

Information about the artwork

Name Sunflowers
State / location Switzerland
Year 2019
Place of location Switzerland
Dimensions Motif on tombstone
Material / technique Marble LASA

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