Romina Roman and Corinna Prechtl

Corinna Prechtl: born 03/09/1995 in Munich (Germany)

What has accompanied Corinna Prechtl all her life is, on the one hand, to bring the body's own strength into aesthetic form (acrobatics) and, on the other hand, through the body's own strength, to create something aesthetic. For several years she has been working closely with the artist Christiane Deminat and from 2018 to 2021 she attended the Landesberufsschule für Steinbearbeitung (Provincial Vocational School for Stone Working) in Laas, where she successfully graduated as a stone mason/sculptor. Today she works as a stonemason at the company Henning Wirtz in Trier (Germany).

Romina Roman: born 19/04/2000 in Salzburg (Austria)

Romina Roman attended the HTL Hallein (Höhere Technische Lehranstalt/Higher Technical Institute in Hallein near Salzburg) for wood and stone sculpture and successfully graduated in 2020. At that time she started to focus on different media, like analogue photography and graphic arts. In 2020 she decided to specialize in marble as a material and thus joined the Landesberufsschule für Steinbearbeitung in Laas. She is currently attending the master class. Along the way she works and develops her drawings on marble slabs as well as sculptural works.

Women's bodies and marble

That which distinguishes the collaboration between the artists Romina Roman and Corinna Prechtl is a certain ease as well as naturalness in the handling and development of an idea, as well as in its execution. This is also the case with this idea, in which the sculpture, here as a living model, simply moves in front of and on the marble and thus enters into contact with it.

Photographically, everything has been recorded by Romina Roman.

The idea arose because the artists were denied the practical work on the stone, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In this way they were able to approach the marble from a different direction.

The images show the contrast of warm and cold, hard and soft, and are thus also a juxtaposition of the ephemeral body and the stone for eternity.

The works were created on the grounds of Lasa Marmo in the winter of 2020/21.

Information about the artist

Artist Romina Roman and Corinna Prechtl
Hometown Salzburg / Munich
Country Austria – Germany

Information about the artwork

Name Women's bodies and marble
State / location Italy (South-Tyrol)
Year 2020/2021
Place of location Women’s Museum/South-Tyrol
Material / technique Nude photography
Credits © Romina Roman