Reinhold Tappeiner


1959born in Schlanders, Italy
1974-79attends the School of Art in Val Gardena
1979-83studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino (I)
1983graduation from the Accademia (Prof. Elio Marchegiani)
dal 1983a free-lance artist
since 1983frequent exhibitions of his work alone or with others artists in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, participation in art fairs and symposia, presence in various print- and audiovisual media (portrait of artist, reviews, television, publications)
1984-21teaching at the „Steinhäuserschule“ in Lasa
1997awarded the national prize „Fabio Bertoni per l’incisione“ by the Comune di Fermignano, Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino, Comunità Montana Alto e Medio Metauro (ten works by the artist were bought by various museums in Italy as well as abroad)
2001-09lecturer at the Free University of Bozen, Faculty of Education Science, Department of “Design”
2005publication „Reinhold Tappeiner Malerei“, art works 1999-2005, edition innsalz, A
2007DVD „Seismograph“: art works by Reinhold Tappeiner, composers: Dietrich Oberdörfer and Ferruccio Bartoletti. Newport studios
2012-14docent at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Kloster Neustift, Südtirol
2018publication „Essenz“ edition Folio
2019„international price LYNX, „Salone Regionale“

My work in relation to Lasa (Laas) and marble

The material marble has been present as an important means of expression in all areas of my artistic work for decades, be it in installation, performance, painting as well as graphic art.

The material marble in combination with lime, water, colour pigments, linen, paper and most recently charcoal, underpin my philosophical thoughts.

I sought mysticism and abolished matter more and more.

Gottfried Marsoner wrote in the “Dolomiten” (A newspaper from South Tyrol): "Reinhold Tappeiner has succeeded in making an unusual new discovery with the boundless space of floating human beings of light in whom we see only an astral body. To make mysticism visible and tangible in this way is, in this incomparable simplicity, the image of a world that lies outside our limited imagination. You could call it transcendental."

After many years I came to the realisation that I could only experience mysticism further through matter.

Marble sand gives luminosity and structure to the colours, but also forms an obstacle on canvas and paper like stones in water, a new challenge for charcoal.

Linen, the "material" absorbs everything and connects all materials; it stands for becoming and passing away, for life.

The material must be experienced, felt with all the senses, only then can it be meaningfully included in the artistic design.

The history, the aesthetic effect, the local references and the philosophical thoughts about the material form the foundation of my creative work.

My relationship to marble is no coincidence, as I am the great-grandson of the "Marmor Lechner" (Marble Lechner). I grew up in the "Lechnerareal" (Lechner domain), surrounded by marble busts, plaster models and plaster fragments that were in the Lechnerhaus (Lechner House) and the surrounding abandoned workshops.

It was in this special ambience that I set up my studios in the former sculpture workshops.

In this place, where the artists, sculptors and stonemasons created great things, I work as a freelance artist and continue the creative work.


Spiritual rapture

Franzensfeste (Fortezza) pearl white



Reinhold Tappeiner | Dietrich Oberdörfer | Feruccio Bartoletti

Video: Seismometer Part 1


Information about the artist

Artist Reinhold Tappeiner
Hometown Lasa / Laas (South-Tyrol)
Country South-Tyrol (Italy)

Information about the artwork

Name Triptych
State / location Italy - Lasa / Laas
Year 2020
Place of location Lasa / Laas (South-Tyrol)
Dimensions 130x200 cm
Material / technique Marble sand, egg tempera, charcoal
Credits ©Reinhold Tappeiner

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