Michele Pascolini

Short vita of the artist

Michele Pascolini lives in Tolmezzo in Carnia, the mountainous part of Upper Friuli, at the foothills of the Italian Alps. In this, his homeland, wood and stone are the main elements that characterise the landscape and from which his personal artistic explorations stem.
He works with the materials and merges with the form, creating a mutual exchange, a kind of sharing from which the artist learns and grows as he performs.
This is how Pascolini normally works, in complete freedom and harmony, giving voice to his sensations that emerge from the material: this emerges and sets the path to follow, in which the sensations will merge with the material. "With all my senses I encounter myself, what is hidden within me and what is ready to be revealed by me. What is usually called sculpture, I see as a means to share presence and sensations", says the sculptor.


2015Exhibition Carnia - Socchieve
2016Exhibition Carnia - Socchieve
2017Solo exhibition - Antema Shop, Tolmezzo
2017Solo exhibition – Natural Carnia, Arta Terme
2017Solo exhibition – Galleria degli artisti, Udine
2018Semi-finalist in the "Premio Arte" competition of Cairo editore (Milan)
2018Palazzo dei fiori – San Remo (IM)
2018De Martin Gallery – Codroipo
2019Gallery Spazio 4 – Cividale del Friuli
2019Collective exhibition of contemporary artists Chiesa San Severo – Naples
2019Finalist in the monthly ARTE competition, exhibited at the Palazzo Reale, Milan
2020 Collective exhibition in New York City
2021Contemporary exhibition on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante's death at Villa dei Claricini

Pantea, the sky of iran

Artist's description:

In a parallel universe to our own, but in a different quadrant, there is a planet much loved by its creator. The only living form is a flower that grows on the remains of a humanity wiped out by wars. Nothing else exists anymore and no being is allowed to approach this place. Only the blossoms of creativity can survive and multiply. They pick up all thoughts from the remotest places in every existing universe, feed on them and introduce creativity in infinite form. The blossoms of creativity have shared their entire lives with each other, and if today we can imagine, even dream of, a future in which creativity dominates more and more, it is only because of their constant presence and our unconscious listening.

The flower of Creativity

Artist's description:

The work, inspired by a person I know, represents the concept of humanity and the possibility and also the hope that man can embrace the divine, which in this case is represented by the colour of the sky. The purity of the white colour of the Lasa marble is functional for the representation of man in his innocence, while the blue of the lapis lazuli with its golden veins recalls the archetypal concept of divinity, which considers Iran as one of the cradles of civilisation.

Information about the artist

Artist Michele Pascolini
Hometown Tolmezzo (I)
Country Italy

Information about the artwork

Name Pantea, the sky of iran
State / location USA
Year 2019
Place of location Private gallery in New York (USA)
Dimensions 66x30x22 cm
Material / technique Marble LASA and lapis lazuli
Credits © Michele Pascolini

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