Mario Gasser

Brief biography of the artist

Mario Gasser is an internationally renowned sculptor who lives and works in his art studio "Zugspitz" in Ehrwald, Tyrol. There you will also find the nativity figures he carved at the tender age of 9. As a universal artist, he works with three materials: wood, stone and metal. He gets his inspiration in, with and through nature. "She is my role model," says Gasser. Many of his works are triangular and pyramidal compositions. The intersections of the lines create their own dynamics, which are further enhanced by the surface structures. In the case of stone works, it is particularly important to Gasser not to destroy the existing mass through greater reduction, in order to give the work a stronger archaic quality.

In addition to commissioned works and works for exhibitions, Gasser also holds a teaching position at the Geisler-Moroder school of carving and sculpture situated in Austria in the Lech valley. Mario Gasser is a member of the Professional Association of Austrian Visual Artists, a member of Cross-Art International and a member of the Artclub Galerie Cologne.

With the earth do not play

North Tyrolean master sculptor and artist Mario Gasser from Ehrwald was commissioned to create a sculpture at the end of 2019. The client, a trader from the neighbouring community of Leermoos, wanted a globe for his shop. Mario Gasser had design freedom and wanted to give the commissioned job a deeper meaning.

At the time the order was placed, the first news of a new virus spreading in China was coming through. A problem that seemed to be on the other side of the globe but, as we know today, only a stone's throw away due to globalisation. "It shows us how we mess with nature and with it our fate. Unconcerned until the moment when we no longer have the situation under control. Unfortunately, only then do we realise our vulnerability. Ours and that of the world we live in", the artist sums up the background of his artwork.

Mario Gasser brought the theme of the "global threat" that we have to blame ourselves for to life in the form a globe carried by the hand of God. Both made of bronze. A filigree globe to underline its fragility. On a massive cube made of Lasa marble as a symbol of how unthinkingly and brutally man messes with creation and thus with his own destiny.

Western Horseman

Slide Stop - commissioned work for a ranch in Arizona

Emperor's dream

Sculpture from the series of works "Imperial - Royal" for an exhibition in Bad Ischl (Upper Austria)


Work from the series "Mother Earth" - Homage to the Paleolithic Venus of Willendorf


Commissioned work for a wine cellar in North Tyrol - fountain figure

Information about the artist

Artist Mario Gasser
Hometown Ehrwald (A)
Country North Tyrol (Austria)

Information about the artwork

Name With the earth do not play
State / location Tyrol - Lasa / Laas
Year 2019
Place of location Leermoos (A)
Dimensions 180 cm height
Material / technique Bronze on marble LASA
Marble variety LASA Venato®
Credits © LASA MARMO / Mario Gasser

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