Kurt Baumann

Short Vita of the Artist:

Born in 1956 and raised in Oberdiessbach (Switzerland) and has lived and worked in Aarwangen (CH) since 1976. Primary school teacher, trips abroad, construction worker, traveller (Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Central America, Caribbean), studied at the School of Design in Zurich, teacher of technical design in Langenthal (CH). Works in the fields of sculpture, plastic art, object d’art, material image, installation. Exhibitions and residencies at home and abroad.


As a sculptor and object d’art artist, I am interested in materials and objects or devices that have already had a previous life or have been developed and produced for a specific purpose.
The steel hydraulic splitting cushions, which are actually used in marble quarrying, open up unexpected possibilities for me. In an experimental approach, I develop objects with their own expressiveness and fascination. Combined with other materials such as marble, unique pieces of an unusual kind are created.

The work "Unity" is a union of object (steel hydraulic splitting cushion) and material (marble slab) and stands as a contrast to the conventional situation, where the hydraulic splitting cushion actually causes a splitting off, a separation of the material...


Splitting cushion 100 x 100 cm, grey powder-coated, fitted on both sides with Lasa marble paving stones.
"Greyberry" is the largest berry in the world! A work based on the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia.

(Wikipedia: the giant rafflesia is a species of plant in the genus Rafflesia. The flowers of the giant rafflesia measure up to one metre in diameter and are considered the largest single flowers in the plant kingdom).


The paving stone made of marble LASA sets itself in scene, for once not on a fantastic piazza, but as a "picture", as a micro-scape, framed in welded fragments of an original steel hydraulic splitting cushion.

look at me

The steel hydraulic splitting cushion - used as a marble-splitting "device" - rests relaxed in bright red on the noble marble base and attracts all eyes.


The steel hydraulic splitting cushion / marble sculpture "help" can be helpful and used as a seat, as a side table, as a presentation platform, as …

Information about the artist

Artist Kurt Baumann
Hometown Aarwangen (CH)
Country Switzerland

Information about the artwork

Name Unity
State / location Switzerland
Year 2020
Place of location Aarwangen (CH)
Dimensions 60x50x50 cm
Material / technique Steel Hydraulic Splitting Cushion filled (blued), slab made of marble LASA
Credits © Kurt Baumann

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