Jörg Hofer

Jörg Hofer is a passionate painter. His paintings are abstract, without references to the representational. Nothing distracts from the purely painterly, they reduce themselves to the essential: Colour and form. For Hofer, painting is a way to approach nature and its forces, to express his intense connection with it. The artist is in search of structural analogies of nature and art. But he does not paint nature; his working process is more like sedimentation in nature. One could almost believe that Mother Nature herself painted the pictures. Fine marble sand serves Hofer as a painting foundation, modelling it as a haptic means of shaping the picture. Mixed with self-mixed egg tempera (colour pigments, egg yolk, linseed oil and water), materially dense surface reliefs are created, reminiscent of fresco painting.

Hofer paints his pictures on the floor with a brush, sometimes also with his fingers. Layer upon layer overlap, structures and profiles, deposits and cracks, friction and scratches are visible. The colours used, often ochre, earthy, matt tones, are dense and intense. In this way, the artist creates non-objective, almost monochrome colour spaces with titles like "Permafrost" or "Landslide". The act of painting, the working away at the picture seems central, but in the completed work the expressive gesture gives way to a calm, sometimes contemplative mood. When a painting vibrates, says Hofer, and makes the room sway, then his painting has succeeded.
(Günther Oberhollenzer, born in the dolomites II, Vienna 2013)

Short bio
Jörg Hofer was born in Lasa (Laas) in the Vinschgau Valley (Val Venosta) in 1953. In 1973 he began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and graduated from the painting master class of the important North Tyrolean, Max Weiler. Today he lives and works in Lasa (Laas) and Vienna and is represented in numerous solo and group exhibitions. The artist's great success is evidenced by his being awarded the honorary title of "Professor" by the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, Heinz Fischer, in 2014. Only a few South-Tyroleans have received this high esteem for their artistic achievements.


Water & rock


Snow flurry

Slab avalanche

Drift ice

Red rock


Microcosm / macrocosm

4 elements


Lichens and mosses

Information about the artist

Artist Jörg Hofer
Hometown Lasa / Laas (South-Tyrol)
Country South-Tyrol (Italy)

Information about the artwork

Name Waterfall
State / location Italy - Lasa / Laas
Year 2021
Place of location Lasa / Laas (South-Tyrol)
Dimensions 60x36 cm
Material / technique Marble sand, egg tempera on linen
Credits © Frank Bauer, Munich

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