Frank Teufel

Short CV of the artist

1966Born in Tuttlingen (Baden-Württemberg)
1984-87Apprenticeship as a stone sculptor
1991-1993Attended the Master school for stonemasons and stone sculptors in Mainz
1996-1999Studied at the Academy for Design in Ulm
Since 2004Member of the VBKW (Association of Visual Artists Württemberg)
Since 2008Member of the BfB (Association of Freelance Sculptors) Baden-Wuerttemberg)

He is a freelance artist in Tuttlingen - works abstractly in stone

The work of the artist

The apparent lightness of the lines Frank Teufel draws in the stone contradicts the heaviness of the source material - he literally provokes the limits of statics.

These lines enter into an exciting connection with each other or with themselves. Sometimes concave - sometimes convex - sometimes uniformly parallel - sometimes in a pointed turning away from each other, only to carefully approach each other again later. In an inner dialogue with the sculptures, the viewer allows the sometimes quite daring play with gravity to take effect on him. With their reduction to clearly abstracted forms, the works invite the viewer's own interpretations, which is why Frank Teufel usually quite deliberately refrains from using descriptive titles.

The craftsmanship intentionally leaves traces on the surface of the stone. The original materiality and crystallinity can still be experienced in the shallows - nothing is dressed up or smoothed. The surface bears witness to an honest approach - the traces resemble impressions, experiences that make each individual sculpture - and transfer each life - unique.

The pure white and the texture of the Laas (Lasa) marble have always exerted a very special attraction upon Frank Teufel.






Information about the artist

Artist Frank Teufel
Hometown Tuttlingen (D)
Country Germany

Information about the artwork

Name 23003
Year 2023
Place of location Tuttlingen
Dimensions 2.12 m high
Material / technique Sculpture
Marble variety LASA Venato Cevedale®
Credits ©Frank Teufel

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