Artists love Lasa marble - today as in the past

Many artists, stone carvers and stonemasons have always appreciated and held in high regard the extraordinary benefits provided by Lasa marble – and continue to do so. In his 1894 study, Dr. Josef Tinzl writes in German language the following about the marble then known as 'Vinschgau marble': "which – thanks to its dazzling white color and transparency – seems to allow the life to shine forth out of the dead body... ". They sometimes seem alive, the unique sculptures and works, the names of which are as diverse as the artists who created them.

This art has been well served in Lasa (Laas) by the reopening of the 'Professional School for Stone Working' in 1982, to teach marble craftsmanship in the field as in the imperial-royal days of yore.

The working material used is the white Lasa marble primarily extracted from the nearby White Water Quarry – even though the mining techniques used have fundamentally changed. And artists from the four corners of the world are repeatedly drawn to Lasa (Laas) to work on this uniquely special natural stone on site while seeing the Jenn Cliff massif of the mountain, in whose sacred halls the Lasa (Laas) treasure is to be found, in front of them.