2005"Tiroler Marmorwerke" obtains the rights over the Wandl Alm quarry in Covelano

The young Elizabeth Sonzogno was still able to fight on, thanks to the experience gained during her mother’s management and to her father's style. She was also granted that bit of luck, essential for succeeding in the harsh business world. She appointed Fabiano Dell’ Antonio, who had directed the company for years, as administrative advisor. Thus, during the tough times when quarry rights were being renewed, she was able to secure at least the ones in Lasa.

Elizabeth had to give up the quarry by Covelano’s farm, which was in Silandro’s municipality territory. It was assigned to "Tiroler Marmorwerke", jointly owned by the brothers Siegfried and Peter Paul Pohl from Laces, by engineer Siegfried Unterberger from Merano and by marble entrepreneur Giuseppe Dalle Nogare. On September 12th 2005 "Tiroler Marmorwerke" began extracting marble from Wandl quarry in Covelano.