2009Times are changing in Lasa

The first financial year of Lasa Marmo AG begins in the midst of the global financial crisis., but for the enterprise's owners there are no reasons for concern. They make further investments for the modernization of machinery and plant structures. The structure for transporting the marble needs to be modernized with the help of public institutions. To this end, Lasa marble AG sells the property rights of the facility to a separate administration in the spring of 2009.

The measure is based on the assumption that all the quarries’ managers accept the existing transport system as an "affordable" alternative to the road. The aim is also to ensure Lasa a future as The Land of Marble. Lasa’s municipality, the separate administration and Lasa Marmo AG jointly commission architect Siegfried Tappeiner to draw up a plan designed to increase Lasa’s potential as a tourist destination. Lasa Marmo AG decides to begin preliminary work on the Jennewand quarry’s cableway. The general managers’ assembly establishes the environmental sustainability of the project and Lasa’s municipality grants building permissions.