2005The National Park's administration agrees to the transportation of marble from Covelano on a temporary road

With the exploitations of the Weisswasser quarry in Lasa ("Lasa Marmo") and of the Wantl quarry in Covelano ("Tiroler Marmorwerke GmbH”), the municipality of Silandro and the administration of Covelano, owners of the Wantl quarry, found themselves obliged to provide the new management with reasonable means of transportation.

A medium-term solution to the problem involved a cableway system to transport the marble to Silandro’s municipal territory. But a fastest solution was needed. Against the opposition of certain powers and even against the negative opinion of its technicians, the National Park’s administration approved the extension of a forest road allowing the transportation of marble on its territory. This was, of course, a temporary solution only valid for three years.