1972The headquarters were moved away from Lasa

The Incorporation articles of "Lasa Marmo" were amended in the early seventies. The headquarters were moved away from Lasa, to Friuli, at Aurisina near Trieste. The transfer was due to a number of reasons including personal family matters, the relationships between "Cava Romana SpA” and "Lasa Marmo SpA” and the introduction of the second South Tyrolean autonomy statute, which came into force in 1972. The transfer of several substantial competencies (including industry, mines and quarries), from Trentino’s regional council to the provincial council in Bolzano, could have helped the local politics to interfere with Sonzogno’s company.

South Tyrol’s province was obviously affected by the relocation of the headquarters because taxes were levied in Trieste. After this change Sonzogno was able to consolidate his enterprise from a financial viewpoint.