2000Sonzogno's second generation leads "Lasa"

At the hand-over Elizabeth Sonzogno must have felt like she was being thrown into a shark tank. Only two options to choose from: either to reach ashore or to make arrangements with the sharks. If the latter option failed she would have had to accept being devoured.

The sudden death of her mother Nadia came at the same time as the expiry of the contract for quarrying at the Wantl in Covelano. In Lasa the municipality had cancelled the contract for the Weisswasser, Tarnellerbrückl and Nesselwand quarries and had called, under a separate administration, for a new contract. The newly incorporated "Tiroler Marmorwerke GmbH” had excellent and useful relationships with influential people in the Province and for the first time it showed a serious interest in the quarries. Elizabeth’s "ousting" was only a matter of time.