1982Sonzogno promotes the re-foundation of a stone-processing school

One of Sonzogno’s dreams in that period was the re-foundation of a stone-processing school. In the spring of 1978 he had already deposited a plan for a "Marble processing School” at the City Council. Wilfried Stimpfl, principal of the local secondary school, had conceived a class for stone masons and had held meetings with officials to plan the training. Stimpfl did not actually obtain any tangible results but managed nevertheless to create the conditions for establishing a training center for the marble industry.

As of the school year 1982/83 the 3-years full-time professional program became a reality, in the context of South Tyrol’s specialist professional schools. Another crucial moment in 1983 was when Sonzogno, for the first time, asked Bolzano’s Province for a grant. On St. Nicholas Day the Provincial Council approved a grant of 24.5% of the cost involved in the expansion of the training structure, based on a forecast budget of 3 billion lire. For seven years, 106 million Lire a year were paid out to Sonzogno. He could not collect the last installment personally as, in 1989, he passed away at the age of 79.