1900Several quarries are active at this time

The transportation of marble blocks from Lasa was an adventurous and dangerous operation. At points of maximum steepness the blocks, which weighted several tons, were lowered by means of ropes. The trunks of larch trees planted in the ground were used as a braking system on the mountain slopes. Logs were squared for two thirds of their length and anchored to the ground to avoid being turned by the ropes as they passed around them. Lowering the blocks with ropes required robust and well-trained staff. An average of 4 to 6 people was required to move the loads, which had volumes of up to 10 m³. The descent would normally work well on dry land or with a sledge known as "Schluzn", but it was far too risky on wet ground. The marks dug by the pulling ropes are still visible today on the mountainsides below the old quarries.