1170 - 1180Romanic apse

The apse on the eastern side of Lasa’s parish church, decorated with Romanic ornaments and animal figures, is one of Val Venosta’s true jewels.

The twelfth-century Romanic apse was rebuilt in 1973 with the original parts that were found. Constructed entirely with marble from Lasa, the apse is divided by semi-columns and windows, complete with capitals and decorations such as leaves and eagles.

Relievos illustrating saints and lions adorn the round arch frieze. Part of the church was demolished for enlargement in 1849.

The remaining part became a choir and a new bigger nave was added. Here we find three striking works: the altar, the ambo with symbolic representations of the Evangelists, and the holder of the perpetual lamp. Only the apse of the original Romanic parish church could actually be saved and reconstructed.