1140Portal of Castel Tirolo's palace, Tyrol

Lasa’s marble was used during the Middle Ages for portals, coats of arms and ornamental elements in the castles of the Vinschgau.

A good example is the portal of Castel Tirolo’s palace, the tympanum of which shows Archangel Gabriel welcoming a visitor with a blessing gesture. Even though their contents are very difficult to interpret, these works are considered to represent the peak of Romanic sculpture in the Alps. Who are the couples wearing fashionable dresses on the left wall? Could they represent the mediaeval clients, Count Albrecht and his brother Berthold with their wives?

A closer examination shows that the various elements of the portal are the work of different artists. Building materials experts are currently studying the exact source of the marble. The results of these examinations will tell us when each single part was created.