1865Peter Lenz and Carl Steinhäuser establish the "Marmorwerke Laas"

In 1865 Carl Steinhäuser and Peter Lenz, a fellow artist in Rome, established the first Lasa marble processing firm known as the "Lenz & Steinhäuser”.

Construction of the workshop began in 1866. Three saws, a lathe, a grinder were purchased and the first workers were hired in 1867.

Transportation of the marble blocks from the quarry took place on so-called Schleifbam (hauling trees) along a track made of logs that were placed transversely. The route descended from an altitude of 1500 meters to the valley below. Retention ropes made of hemp regulated the speed of the slide on its downward journey. On flatter areas, the marble was transferred onto wooden carts and pulled by oxen.