2010New gantry crane: modernization of LASA marble industry begins

The new owners of Lasa Marmo AG (JSC) start with a large-scale multi-year investment programme for the structural renewal and modernization of the transport, processing and production facilities at the Lasa plant and the White Water Quarry (Weißwasserbruch). As one of the first measures, the new gantry crane is erected and put into operation in the block warehouse. The new gantry crane can lift and move marble blocks up to 30 tonnes. An opening of the LASA marble industry to be a mutual gain for the whole town is also being considered. In autumn 2010, the Lasa (Laas) architect Siegfried Tappeiner will present his conceptual ideas for the opening of the town of Lasa (Laas) to tourism and the closely related LASA marble industry.