1999Nadia Sonzogno modernizes "Lasa Marmo"

During her ten-year management, Nadia Sonzogno removed some outdated ideas. For many winters, purchasers that needed calcium carbonate for their production purposes were allowed to use damaged or poor-quality materials in the plant area to obtain marble flour. Again, in line with Giuseppe Sonzogno’s principle "Lasa is Lasa” she believed that even from the scraps one could get something useful.

Excellent results were recorded in the operational area during this period. The company managed to increase productivity from 29.6 million Lire per working unit, in 1982, to 101.7 million in 1991; this coefficient settled down at this level, and was even higher than the coefficients of the German stone industry. With the help of the Province a new building was created, much of the machinery fleet was modernized in accordance to the new technical requirements and all this resulted in a boost of productivity. But Nadia Sonzogno could no longer enjoy the fruits of her labor. Suffering from kidneys troubles, she unexpectedly passed away on March 23rd 1999 because of a cardiac arrest.