2015MarmorPlus opens the "Lasa (Laas) marble World"

In the "tricorne", an outdoor area in the entrance area of the Lasa (Laas) marble factory, the old portal crane, built in 1929, will be repositioned. The outdoor area will be equipped with marble sculptures made of LASA marble and other equipment from the long history of marble extraction and processing in Lasa (Laas). On 18 July 2015, the MarmorPlus cooperative will open the "Laas (Laas) Marble World" there, which will serve as a starting point for guided tours of the Lasa Marble Works. Lasa Marmo's success continues on an international level. A new art museum is opened in Vaduz (Liechtenstein). For the "White Cube", an extension of the Art Museum Liechtenstein, marble and marble gravel crushed by Lasa Marmo is used to produce white concrete. Lasa Marmo also upgrades the White Water Quarry (Weißwasserbruch). The largest wheel loader of the Hitachi ZW550-5 series is used there for the first time.