1720 - 1730Marble relievo of 'The Immaculate' above Silandro's City Hall entrance

Gregor Schwenzengast, a Baroque sculptor from the Martello valley, used Lasa marble around the year 1700 for several of his works.

His medallions with relievi of the Madonna adorn the entrances of many buildings in the Vinschgau. Silandro’s City Hall (Plawenn residence) is an example. A Baroque marble relief of The Immaculate Madonna can be seen above the main entrance.

A massive relievo of Emperor Leopold I, likewise the work of Schwenzengast, is exhibited in the courtyard of Silandro’s castle. Schwenzengast is also the author of a funerary monument for the noble Kleinhans (owner of the "red castle" in Laces) erected in the parish church of Laces.