1997Local authorities hamper Lechner Marmor

In December 1997, Lasa’s municipality issued an ordinance for the demolition of the existing cableway used for transporting the material to and from the Jennewand quarry. A few weeks later the Mining Authority informed "Lechner Marmor AG” that "any appeal to the Supervision Authority could not be lodged, since the given terms had expired and there had been a contradictory behavior”.

"Lechner Marmor AG” insisted and demanded the establishment of a consortium for the use of the inclined plane, in order to transport the marble to the valley at the minimum cost. The Provincial Government tried to force "Lasa Marmo" to make their structure available to the competition. At the very end, "Lasa" agreed to allow the use of its transport facilities, but not through a consortium. The request for a consortium was shelved and negotiations were resumed. Under the new agreement, "Lechner" and "Lasa", would both use the existing structures for their mining activities, including the inclined plane and the Marble Railway.