1925Lechner's merits are recognized only after his death

The death of Julius, who was to take Lechner’s place but had died in Galicia during the first few weeks of World War I, and the obstacles created by the municipality of Lasa, led Lechner to consider selling his company. He eventually passed it onto his son Josef Jr. at the end of the war.

Attempts to continue extraction in the Jennewand quarries were, however, soon interrupted in the early postwar years. Joseph Jr. therefore confined himself to gradually selling the father’s large deposit of marble.

Only when "Marmor Lechner" died on April 1st 1925 the merits of this great man became clear. Despite being greatly admired at home and abroad as a dynamic entrepreneur and a specialist in his field, and having become considerably wealthy, he had remained a simple and modest person. His greatest merit was, however, that of having offered employment to the majority of Lasa’s population for several years.